A Tenaciously Versatile Marketing Professional

Team leading and passion for excelling in people skills right from an early age helped Gigi become a leader and hands-on persona in all of the assignments & projects undertaken; right from leading a group of choristers for charity based events in India, to heading marketing departments both  at Future Communications Company – NOKIA and the KAPICO Group in Kuwait, and to spear heading live academic projects here in Canada while at York University’s bridging program for Internationally Trained Professionals (IEPs).

Gigi ‘s professional career started off has a Business Development supervisor, at an entrepreneurial cellular phone company based in South India that was set up to capitalize the emerging cellular phone business in India. It was here the basic sales skills of identifying, positioning and capturing customers including corporate where horned while lending support, counsel and product training to fellow team members.

From there Gigi moved on to the Middle East, where he landed the opportunity to be part of a dynamic management team that helped catapulted a fledgling organization into a publicly traded company over a 8 year period, by being distributors for the world’s largest cellular phone company – NOKIA. Along with progressive career advancements within the organization, Gigi built the Marketing department by developing best MarCom and PR practices by strategically aligning departmental goals with that of the company including financial accountability. His hands-on approach guided the team during a period of exponential growth, accelerated product launches and go-to-market strategies that were focused yet versatile targeting various consumer segments’ lifestyles.

This successful brand creation & recognition in a small market was taken notice by the KAPICO Group, a larger multinational company with diversified portfolios who offered Gigi a broader mandate of unifying their various automotive aftermarket services spread across 11 countries and operating as individual business units under one brand name. Gigi also had to oversee and manage marcom for the group’s healthcare and lifestyle divisions. Thus working alongside senior management executives including VPs, CMO and COO, Gigi established a reputation within the short span of 2 years, for shrewd strategic marcom & business development planning, budget & brand management, and agency management resulting in promotion from Marketing Manager to AGM-Marketing.  

Gigi’s desire for continuous learning and professional development is exemplified by being part of the bridging program at York University and contributing to a white paper published by IPSOS Canada; and his earlier accomplishments from prestigious institutions such as Kellogg’s School of Management (USA) and London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (UK). Gigi was also featured on the Canadian national CBS network talk show ‘Connect with Mark Kelly’ and the ‘Globe and Mail’ newspaper as part of York University’s bridging program.

Gigi brings strong international marketing and branding insights reinforced by in-depth industry research and analysis to overcome barriers to drive dramatic ROI; by offering successful enhancement of brand loyalty and recognition, and generating strong, compelling & distinct corporate and brand image.

Gigi has also proven to capably build and maintain strong internal and external partnerships, exercising top quality communication skills, in addition to managing end-to-end projects in an effective and professional fashion, consistently delivering quality results within timeline and budgetary parameters.   

Contact points:
Phone (Home):905-232-4995

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